And the Dundie award for best product placement goes to:

So I'm watching THE OFFICE, and there is a scene where Kevin is using his favorite office tool, the Staples MailMate shredder. He gets so excited that he shreds his own credit card on accident. Then at the end of the show, he shreds a head of lettuce and pours Italian dressing straight into the MailMate's removal bin. "Where did you get that salad?" a co-worker asks.

"Staples," he replies.

A little surfing revealed this mini site for the Staples MailMate, where Staples admits that as far as acting is concerned, their shredder is at a skill level somwhere between Carrot Top and Paul Walker. But if you need a good shredder that doesn't take up half of your tiny cubicle, well MailMate is perfect for you. Furthermore, the site lets you run some fun stuff through the shredder, like Dwight's personnel file and a picture of Roy. This is officially a bit of cross-channel, integrated marketing gold.

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